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Stephen Nesbitt

Stephen Nesbitt

Stephen moved to Pittsburgh nearly five years ago. He decided to look for a dentist in the area who could help him achieve the smile he had always wanted. A friend recommended Atlas Dental Specialists. “I have always had bad teeth. If I’m being honest I didn’t take the best care of them either. Even after braces and other procedures I didn’t have the smile I wanted and was still very self-conscious about my smile. I wanted a dentist who could help me take control of my dental health and give me the confident smile I’ve never had.”

The first step when Stephen came to the office was to do a thorough evaluation to determine his dental health needs. Once that was completed, a progressive and comprehensive treatment plan was put into place to reach the goals Stephen wanted to accomplish. “They were great. Dr. Nick took a lot of time to listen to my concerns and formulate a progressive treatment plan. The first step involved cleanings, fixing cavities, and focusing on getting my mouth healthy. The second step focused on straightening my teeth with a retainer and INVISALIGN. Once that was taken care of, they fixed my front teeth with multiple crowns. After all that, I can’t believe the difference! It is better than I could have ever hoped.”

Obtaining optimal dental health and a fantastic smile can take time. Each patient is treated uniquely to their situation and goals. “The decision to take control of my dental health and going to Atlas Dental Specialists is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m not afraid to smile anymore. In fact, it feels great to look in the mirror and like what I see. Everyone at Atlas is amazing, friendly, makes you feel like family, and does what they say they will. This truly has been a life-changing experience!”

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