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Sophia had gone to the same dentist for many years. After her long-time dentist retired she went to another dentist for some cosmetic work but had a bad experience. “After my less than desirable experience at my previous dentist I took a lot of time to research new dentists in the Pittsburgh area. I wanted to find a quality dentist that would take good care of me and help correct the cosmetic work the previous dentist messed up. All my research pointed to Atlas Dental Specialists as the place to go.”

Like many patients who have bad dental experiences, Sophia was anxious about her first visit. “I was really nervous my first time to Atlas, but quickly realized they were different. Everyone was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear but instead took the time to explain what was best for me. It wasn’t a cookie-cutter or pushy approach either. They started slow and took care of my basic needs and earned my trust. Since then they have met all my dentistry needs and fixed the cosmetic work that brought me to them originally. I finally have my confidence back to smile freely which is so amazing. Every time I go there they know my name, remember details about me, and make me feel like a part of the family. My experience at Atlas has been wonderful and I don’t plan to go anywhere else. The way they take care of you truly inspires loyalty. I highly recommend them!”

Downtown Pittsburgh

355 Fifth Ave. Suite 1520
Pittsburgh , PA 15222

Phone: 412 281 9411

Fax: 412 281 0317


5830 Ellsworth Ave. Suite 304
Pittsburgh , PA 15232

Phone: 412 730 2560

Fax: 412 730 2562

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