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Bianca "Omi" Allen

Bianca "Omi" Allen

Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Some people are actually terrified of going based on bad past experiences, fear of the unknown, and even fear of pain. This was the case for Omi. “The only time I really went to the dentist as a kid was for dental emergencies. So I grew up with a serious fear of going to the dentist that I carried up into adulthood.” It wasn’t until her husband encouraged her to start seeing a dentist regularly to maintain her dental health that she faced her fears. “I was terrified about going! I had searched online for a dentist in downtown Pittsburgh and read great things about Atlas Dental, but was still very apprehensive going into my first visit. I was a hot mess! To my surprise, everyone at Atlas from the front desk staff, to my hygienist Angela, to all the dentists were so friendly, patient, and understanding, They took a lot of time to help me calm down and get over my fears. They were so gentle and did an amazing job.”

Omi has since received everything from basic cleanings, fillings, extractions, and teeth whitening. “When I first started going to Atlas, I wanted a healthy and beautiful smile. I was getting ready for a destination wedding to get married to my husband and I really wanted a beautiful smile. They worked with me to time my dental treatment to meet my timeline and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Dr. Friedman even called me over the weekend at home to check on me. That’s simply amazing and I trust them to take care of me completely!”

At Atlas Dental, we believe in providing the highest quality dental care possible, and making sure our patients receive a truly great experience.

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