Meet The Doctors

Meet our friendly, family dental team of Drs. Nicholas Mangini, Mara Mangini, and Kathryn Duncan Friedman:

Dr. Kathryn Duncan Friedman started her own practice over 20 years ago, and now she is happily joined by her daughter, Dr. Mara Mangini, and her son-in-law, Dr Nicholas Mangini. Together they are the doctors of our Atlas Dental team.  Our family practice provides a warm, friendly environment and a wide range of experience and expertise.  Dr. Kathryn Duncan Friedman is a seasoned general dentist with hours of continuing education and years of practice, while Drs. Nicholas and Mara Mangini bring their advanced training as Prosthodontists to our team, and offer a new array of services and treatments.  

atlas docs w charts

Kathryn Duncan Friedman, DDSNicholas Mangini, DMDMara Mangini, DMD